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""Thank you for visiting La Plata County’s Children, Youth and Family website. Within the pages you will find both our short-and long-term purpose. In the short-term you will learn about the work of hundreds of your fellow citizens who have come together to create La Plata County’s first Children Youth and Family Master Plan.

This website is an opportunity for those who want to learn more about how they can positively impact the future of the children, youth and families living here.

After the Plan has been completed, this site will continue to be maintained with the long-term purpose being to connect citizens to the services, supports and opportunities they will need to thrive. It will also continue to serve as a site where you can voice your concerns, create new dreams, contribute to the creation of new experiments, be introduced to the state-of-the-art thinking, and to learn what other communities are doing that is working. We want this site to be your first stop for all things thriving.

In the short- and long-term we want this site to be appealing and meaningful to all citizens regardless of age or where you live in the County. Please help make this site a site you visit often. Help us make it useful, interesting, fun and one you return to often. After you have explored the site please visit the comments section and let us know what you think, share your thoughts and ideas, make suggestions for improving the site and most importantly help us by sharing your insights about thriving.

Enjoy Your Visit!